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Athlete Registration-2015-2016

Athlete Registration for 2015-2016 is scheduled for Sunday August 30th between 11am and 1pm at Parkinson Recreation Centre Pool Viewing Area. You can either register in person or register by mail. New athletes always welcome.  

2015-16 Registration packages for current athletes have been mailed out.

Athlete Registration Day for all programs is typically held at the end of August at the Parkinson Recreation Centre. As many of our programs fill up quickly, it is important for athletes to register on or before Registration Day. A Registration package is sent out in advance to athletes at least two weeks prior to Registration Day. Athletes may also register by mail but in order to receive priority consideration, the registration form must be postmarked on or before Registration Day. This is very important for those sports that fill up quickly.

It is also possible to register at other times of the year but keep in mind that some programs may be filled. You can contact our Registration Coordinator to find out what sports are still accepting athletes.

Prior to participating in our programs, athletes must have completed the SOBC Provincial Registration form(for new athletes) and SOBC Kelowna  Athlete Profile and Medical Form. Payment of the registration fee ($10) and program fees must be complete prior to participation in any sport.


Programs are open to individuals with an intellectual disability and are designed to increase fitness levels, develop individual and/or team skills and to promote sportsmanship and fair play. Please note, however, that some sports may require good upper body strength and coordination. Minimum age is eight. If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact Greg Mather, Program Coordinator.


For liability and safety reasons, the medicals of each athlete participating in a program (or competition) must be on-site. An athlete cannot participate in the day’s events (training or competition) if there is not a current completed medical on hand, regardless of whether they, or their guardian, give their authority to participate without one.

Head Coaches should ensure that they have up-to-date medicals, especially prior to attending a competition. Medications change all the time and we are not always notified. If you are advised of any change on a medical form, please notify our Registration Coordinator.

How To Register

In order to register for our programs, please complete the following:

  1. First time registration for new athletes – you must complete this Registration Form for SOBC Provincial Offices – this is a one-time requirement.
  2. Fill out the SOBC-Kelowna Athlete Profile and Medical Form. Note: This is the Kelowna specific registration form and is required for all athletes including new applicants. Athletes from last year will receive their personalized Profile and Medical form with their mailed Registration package. This must be updated, signed and returned with your registration information.
  3. Refer to the 2015-2016 Sport Program  description to select program(s) of interest.
  4. Complete the Sport Selection and Fee Form.
  5. Complete the Athlete and Volunteer Commitment to Sponsorship Events Form-2015-2016.
  6. Prepare a cheque with the Annual Fee of $10, plus program fees for each sport selected. The cheque is made payable to “SOBC – Kelowna”. DO NOT SEND CASH

Completed registrations can be mailed to:

Registration Coordinator,
PO Box 23018 Plaza 33 RPO
Kelowna BC V1X 7K7

If you have any questions about the registration process, please email:


or for general information email:






To view these forms, use a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader.